Keenan Blaisdell

I offer a bold, unique, and dynamic aspect when creating my work. 

I accomplish what type of work you are looking for, with a pristine

 new quality and creative appeal. My work has a wide array of

artistic value and is provided for your brands images, and

experience. I pay attention to the details as well as the aesthetic

feel differently depending on each clients needs and knowing every

client wants something new that defines your brand adequately.

As an artist I would define my style as a way of presenting my views

onto a digital color pallet. I enhance my style by the way I choose

color, and keeping a persistent structure throughout my images.

I create my sense of emotion in a piece of work with the way people

or a single object is laid out for the viewer to see. I focus primarily on

 very crisp, sharp, striking, and dynamic shooting techniques when

 creating my work. I have a big fascination with creating photographs

from product and giving them their own character. I have a tendency

to repeat objects and create a large array of color throughout my work.

I would say some of the most simplistic things can be part of the most 

compelling images.




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